Bite Your Pencil & Trust Your Ability

Beethoven’s 9th symphony is widely considered, not just one of the greatest symphonies, but one of the greatest pieces of music ever written. At the time of its premiere, it was the longest symphony with the largest orchestral assembly to date. It was also the first time vocals had been incorporated to symphonic number.

To say it was a masterpiece of an accomplishment is an understatement. Making it more impressive is that by the time it premiered Beethoven was completely deaf.

At the conclusion, the crowd at the premiere reacted with thunderous applause. None of which Beethoven could hear. While there are conflicting reports about the exact time he became fully deaf, Beethoven’s hearing was drastically deteriorating during the multi-year composition of the famed symphony.

Determined to finish his magnum opus, Beethoven would compose by biting a pencil to feel the vibrations coming from the instrument.

Every entrepreneur can learn from this type of perseverance. There will always be an obstacle to overcome, but lack of ability isn’t typically one. Adversity you face doesn’t define your capabilities, but instead is an opportunity to showcase them differently.

Beethoven’s ability to compose didn’t disappear just because his hearing did. Like him, you can listen for the vibrations to find your way through. Focus on what you can control and attack it like you’re going to debut it at the Vienna opera house. Little by little, or note by note, you can preserve to create your own masterpiece.

You just have to bite the pencil and trust that you can.

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