Breaking Free from Your Comfort Zone

used to have a real job. A job where I showed up at 9 and left at 5. It was a good job where I worked on things I actually liked & had a safe, steady paycheck. No major risks or worries of the company going under.

It was a comfortable living. And it was definitely not for me.

Despite really liking the topics of the job, I hated the rigid, bureaucratic structure. The linear efforts drove me nuts and left me feeling like the impact of them weren’t — and never would — scale like I wanted.

All the while I had the calling in the back of my head to do more, to be more. I wanted to be my own boss and pursue my own passions. But damn if I wasn’t scared shitless to do so.

What if my ideas were bad? What if my strategy is wrong? What if I am just a terrible entrepreneur?

Too scared to find out the answers to these questions, I stayed in my comfort zone with my real job and steady paycheck. Until one day when I had enough. So I quit. I decided to bet on myself and find out the answers to the questions. Turns out, they weren’t half bad.

As entrepreneurs we all experience that part at some point or the other. The part when we stop pretending the “safe” knowns are enough & stop resisting the urge to take risks on the unknown.

It’s the part when your comfort & complacency turn to confidence & courage.

That’s the part when you break free.

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