Challenge the Status Quo - Mess with Jim

“You do know there are other companies doing that, right?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of that statement when pitching a new product. It’s almost always followed up with version of "Everybody buys from them so it may be hard to compete”

Then you get some opinions masquerading as objective facts. Stuff like not tugging on Superman’s cape or spitting in the wind. And every time I just look back and say that it may sound funny, but I’m here to make some money, and I’m going to tug the shit out of that cape.

As entrepreneurs we can absolutely challenge even the most entrenched of status quos. Just ask Blockbuster & Sears how they feel about those little companies Netflix and Amazon. Trust this Alabama boy named Ben, with three simple things, there isn’t a fight you can’t win.

First, you need unwavering confidence you can instigate the change you’re suggesting. No one leaves the comfort of familiarity for the timid change agent. Good value propositions and disruptive differentiators help, but at the core you just have to trust in your ability to drive change.

Next, narrow focus helps keep the quality high and confusion low. You can’t change all things at once. Carve out a niche and pursue that like Slim getting his money.

Finally, you have to kick ass on execution. You’re going to have to fight like hell and kick some (metaphorical) ass. Even with great products, people can still dig into to what they are familiar with. Beat them up with value and you will inevitably win folks over.

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