Count What Matters

If I just had some investment, I’d be where I wanted to be. It would cure all my woes and worries. With the right investor, and the right amount, I’d have the thriving successful business I always wanted.

This is the startup founders way of saying “If only I had more money I’d be happy.”

We’re all guilty of this sentiment at some point in our lives, startup founder or not. Learning the falsity of it is especially hard if you are. Mainly because it’s just the lazy way to think about chasing your dreams.

What I’ve found is that you need to share your dream. The dream & vision of everything you think you could be. Do this because it inspires hope and shines a light on people’s problems. Even if the light is dim at first, it will only get brighter as you pick up traction.

When I was younger, I wasn’t bold enough to share my vision. Subconsciously I thought it would put my light out. But just the opposite occurs. As you share with more and more people, you learn more and more lesson, and the light gets brighter.

Onboard a new co-founder? Count that to make the light a little brighter.

Ink a key partnership deal? Count that to make the light a little brighter.

Find an early adopting customer? Count that to make the light a little brighter.

No matter your company type, inspiring hope among the right audience gives you the metrics that matter. It builds traction that spreads hope throughout a customer base to create that thriving business with more lights than the night sky. That is truly the vision of what you can be and not to sit back counting your dollars.

Instead to count, well you get the point..

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