Don’t Drive Your Life Away, Drive It Toward a Better Way

I’ve driven to some weird places before. At weird times.

Maybe not exactly midnights or Friday nights. More like Tuesdays at 2am to get to the Atlanta airport for the cheapest flight. A flight to somewhere I would assuredly stand in a conference hall booth and know absolutely no one. All in hopes I could tell some one, some thing about my fledgling company.

Or maybe I’ve just stayed up for nights on end to prepare material, launch a website, or create a customer outreach campaign.

There’s a point in each of these efforts, when some form of delirium sets in, that I stop and wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life. If I were a normal person I could be in bed and have half the stress.

Entrepreneurs are anything but normal people. We’re the only people that would rather work 80 hours a week at something we love than 20 hours for something we didn’t. Because to use there’s always a way to improve. A way to create value and solve problems. There’s always a better way.

In every one of my odd efforts, after I’ve questioned my life choices, or the third Red Bull kicks in, I remember the real question.

Did I want to choose the simple, mundane route and drive my life away? Or did I want to drive my life toward a better way?

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