Getcha Back Up Off the Wall & Try

We can all remember the feeling of a high school dance, right? Where we hugged the wall and acted like we were too cool to get on the dance floor?

But we all know the real reason was an absolute fear of embarrassment. We just knew that as soon as we got out there we would be laughed out of the room because of just how terribly awful our skills were.

The truth is that unless you’re Elaine Benes, you’re probably not that bad, and everyone would rather have a good time that make fun of you.

Starting a new venture is a lot like getting out onto the dance floor. So many of us have ideas to try, but are too scared to do so. Stifled by our own fear, we cling to the wall and cut down other’s ideas. “I could do that much better.” Or “If I did it, this is how I would do it.” These fear induced excuses are just the beginning of a snowball of negativity.

Out of the fear come the excuses. Excuses lead to inaction. Inaction leads to missed opportunity. Missed opportunities lead to regret. Regret leads to unhappiness.

Avoid this path and get down on the dance floor. Just like you don’t have to know all the dance moves, you don’t have to know every detail. Not sure where to start? Start asking questions. Turn the answers into action. No matter what comes of your idea, you can always look back and know why or why not.

Ultimately, how will you ever know if don’t wanna take the chance? You gotta getcha back up off the wall and try. C’mon.

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