In a World Full of Sheep Be a Goat

You can’t be extraordinary doing the same things as everyone else. Sure it’s a cliche, but most of the time cliches are true. This is one that has stuck with me though, especially an entrepreneur. This lifestyle lends itself to being different, yet so many of us just aren’t.

But why? If it just involves being different, why can’t we break away from the flock and be different?

The answer, at least to me, is that we have societal stigmas ingrained in us that are just hard to shed.

Go with the flow. Just work hard and do what you’re told. Take the path of least resistance. No friction, no problems. Most of us are consumers, not creators. Watchers, not doers.

And any attempt to move against the proverbial grain is met with a very judgmental - WHY?

That’s because most of the world doesn’t like bucking trends or straying from the herd. In fact, most every one is confident of two things. First, that since they go with the flow, do what they’re told, and create no friction, they are on the correct path. Then second, that because you Mr. Entrepreneur are asking too many questions about a new, different path, it must be the wrong one.

But newsflash, difference makers can’t be just part of the flock. They have to break away. To forge a new path that creates value and opportunities for the flock. Of course the judgmental confidence will at first assume it’s the wrong path.

To that I say, I’ll see you in hell.

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