Listen For Your Calling, Then Don’t Stop

There is something chaotically poetic about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Just a whole bunch of seemingly random sounds and lyrics that some how harmoniously converge for some absolute jams.

Since becaming popular in the 90s, they almost always get grouped in with the grunge or pop punk bands of the time.

But they aren’t either. In fact, does anyone really know what kind of band they are? Something that’s equal parts rock band, hip hop group, & upbeat poetry slam night sounds about right.

The fact they don’t fit squarely into any one category is precisely why they are emblematic of entrepreneurship. And it’s damn sure the reason they’re my favorite band.

As entrepreneurs we should strive to be different in a world that wants to constantly categorize us. Choose not the life of imitation but listen for that voice in the back of your head calling you to be more than ordinary. This song exemplifies that for me. An almost spiritual calling if you will. From the triumphantly face melting opening riff to the uber poignant fade out recital at the end, my inner voice just gets amplified.

All I hear it calling to me is to chase my dream. To hop the trains, to keep going when I stumble, & deal with any other bullshit that gets in my way.

Above all else, I hear it calling me to keeping being me. To be so unique that it is my image in the dictionary. That I will not settle for a life that’s just a read through. And to never stay in a position where I can’t continue the pursuit of being me.

Because that’s something I can’t stop.

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