That Pressure You Feel Is Likely Created By You

Carol Dweck teaches us in her book, Mindset that there are two types of people in the world: people with a fixed mindset and people with a growth mindset.

In short, fixed mindset people view success as a way to prove they are smart. Growth mindset view it as a continual learning opportunity. For the fixed mindset people, there is a definite endpoint to success. A point where your talents and intelligence cap out. On the other hand, growth mindset people view success as a journey. That with the right focus and effort, any of your characteristics can be improved making the sky the limit.

Fixed minded people fear making mistakes. Growth minded ones view them as growth opportunities.

Fixed minded people shy away from obstacles. Growth minded ones welcome them.

Fixed minded people seek constant validation. Growth minded ones see every opportunity as a learning resource.

As entrepreneurs we want to believe we’re growth minded people. However just having good ideas doesn’t mean your growth minded. In fact, I think we too often fall into a fixed mindset.

How often have you thought - “If my idea was good enough people would just naturally invest? They would naturally purchase?” Or how often have you sought validation from others before moving forward? That if I was really the visionary I thought I was, I wouldn’t have these problems. These are hallmarks of a fixed mindset.

Instead, think about the uncomfortable questions of why people aren’t buying. Why aren’t investors interested? What can you control in this situation? This is the learning opportunity. This is how we grow from our obstacles. This is how we experience success, not reach it.

So next time you feel the pressure pushing down on you, it’s probably your mindset.

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