What’s the Difference between me and you? - I’ve got the swagger to do What I’m supposed to do

When I was in the 10th grade I wanted to quit the baseball team. I had never quit anything in my life, but I suddenly found myself despising a sport I’d loved my whole life. I had lost my drive to play , and probably worst, I lost confidence that I could.

My mother insisted I give it one more try but this time with some assistance. She sent me to a local hitting clinic run by guys that had considerable stints in the minors. To spare you the politics of small town Alabama, I didn’t want to go to be taught by the uppity crowd. But I went.

After getting lost and arriving 30 minutes late, I frantically rushed in to the small warehouse with batting cages for my first lesson. Little did I know it was the first of many that would impact my life in more ways that just a better batting average.

Thanks to Steve, Manny, and Josh I learned a lot about baseball and, indirectly, how to have confidence and swagger in all that you do. Before lessons with them I had over complicated my approach to baseball so much that it became intimidating. They taught me to simplify my approach.

That the difference between good & bad hitters is just consistently doing what you’re supposed to do. And to do it confidently with some swagger.

Along my startup journey I think back to those lessons. I think about what I feel intimidated by now and if I’m overcomplicating my approach to it. More times than not, there is a simple approach I can attack with some confidence. With some swagger.

Because ultimately that’s the way to get the results I’m after.

Consistently doing what I’m supposed to do. That’ll be the difference between me and you.

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