Whose ROI are you?

As entrepreneurs, we’re intimately familiar with returns on investment. At least we better be. We might even be borderline obsessed with it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, our duty as leaders of a company is to make sure that spent time & resources are yielding the proper results to sustain & grow the company.

Sure, we track ROI to enable us to measure our success. But if we’re being totally honest, I think we track it for another reason. We primarily track ROI so that in times of adversity, we know whether something is worth sticking out or cutting loose.

I suppose you could say that’s a bit cynical, but it’s the truth. Layoffs & product line shut downs don’t happen when ROI is positive. We even do this on a personal level. How many divorces happen to thriving couples? Purposeful or not, we all track our ROI.

Lately, I’ve started asking this question about ROI: Whose ROI assessment are you in? Or your company? In a world of inevitable adversity, who’s watching your response to it?

Who has said I trust you to overcome any obstacle? That when you do, you will triumph together?
  • Early adopting customers lenient toward growing pains?


- Founding team members that were in the trenches with you?


- Friends that listened to your rambling idea conversations?


- Family members that are your foundation of support?

These people have all invested in your company & by extension you. Maybe not financially, but they have invested their trust in you to persevere for a positive return. So when adversity smacks you in the face, and the sky comes falling down, remember them.

Because for them, there’s nothing in this world you shouldn’t do.

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