Why Your Worst Moments Are The Best For You

Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck, actually encourages you to give one. In his trademark cynically optimistic style, Manson suggests that by giving less fucks, you actually improve the quality of the fucks you do give.

His argument is a simple one: It is not possible to care about all things at all times. So to optimize your time, talent, and happiness we have to be selective about what we will care about. And be very clear about what we won’t.

As simple as it sounds, deciding what to care about is a nuanced and difficult process. One that requires brutal honesty about what you’re good at and what you care to be better about.

Manson asserts that this process is helped by facing your worst experiences. In the counterintuitive sense, we shouldn’t care about being happy, we should stop caring about things that make us unhappy. We shouldn’t care about being right, instead we should just admit when we’re wrong. Then try to be less wrong.

The Cave is kind of a cynically optimistic jam. The overall tone and sound is one of definite inspiration, I mean who doesn’t love a good banjo riff. But it’s the lyrics where we see the Manson-esque attitude and where I find the inspiration.

Starting out as an entrepreneur we try to be all things to all people. Most of us learn the hard way that’s not possible. But these bad decisions don’t have to be a noose around your neck. Through the pain, we can find the strength to change our ways to select what’s most important to us, our team, and our customers. Through this process we can learn to have a greater impact a

And for that we should hold on hope.

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